Friday, November 7, 2008


So far, this is my favorite image about the election. It's by John Deering and is available here.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's in the Air.

I'm anticipating a great party tonight - a couple of them, actually. First on campus and then with some faculty friends. It's going to be a good day. A life changing, country changing day. But don't take it for granted - VOTE!

My friend Wendy the Priest has said it better than I can:
I wasn’t going to say it here, but I’m up early
watching and
listening and reading,
and it feels like Christmas to me
because there’s a burn burn burn—
Can you feel it?
Can you feel the buzz of change?
It’s in the air. I keep tearing up.
I have goosebumps. And my stomach is in a knot.

I need coffee (to help with the knot, to wake me up). Then
I am voting for Barack Obama.

Because, at the end of the day,
I look at the story. I study the narrative. (It’s what I do.)
The narrative says more to me than any opinion,
The narrative says more to me than any campaign.
The narrative, the story
is the umbrella, the informant, the source.

And I believe his story.
That’s right, you heard me.
I. Believe. Barack. Obama.

(My father is rolling his eyes.
My brother is thinking,
“Oh shit. She really did drink the kool-aid.)

His story resonates with me and my idea of the American Dream.
It’s a story that speaks to the poor, the meek, the hungry, the peacemakers.
It gives the underdog power. (Sounds like The Gospel of Jesus Christ to me.)
It’s a story that ripples with humanity, community, charisma, and care.
Genuine care. And chances, options, respect, and grace.

(As opposed to fear, war, violence, and wealth.)

I can go in circles with you about Issues and Policies,
But I probably won’t. I’m not articulate enough.
Some might point out that I can "get emotional."
And I’m done with the Us/Them.

What I know for sure—
I know that I’m hooked. Hooked on Hope.

(It's pretty dang good kool-aid.)

Oh, and
Thank GOD for those who have gone before us—
Those that fought fought fought for my right to vote.