Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Seasickness, Getting lost, and Getting ready

The seas have been rough! Our first morning out many faculty & staff were sick - including me - in spite of meds. We were assured that most people adjust, and we seem to be. More people are making it to meetings now and look less like zombies. Seasick meeds are free & the doc is carrying them around in his pockets! The sensation of continually rocking is strange - like a balance ball the I can't control & is never still.

The ship is confusing & labrythine! Wandering the halls trying to find which elevator goes to a particular deck or where a room is, is common. I keep getting half way down a hallway and then turning around to go the other direction. Despite all the rocking, it's surprisingly difficult to know which direction we're moving and where the front of the ship is from the lower decks.

While fighting seasickness, we've also been trying to get ready for the students, who begin arriving tonight. There have been a lot of long meetings about procederes, etc. We had a lifeboat dril before we sailed the first night. And we're trying to learn what our jobs are on tris floating campus.

We arrived in Halifax this morning, though it's too foggy to see anything. It was a surprising relief when the engines stopped! We have meetings onboard most of the day, but will hopefully have some time in port this evening. If nothing else, we need to stock up on snacks, now that we know wat we can and can't get onboard and how expensive it is!

The NetsForLife camping is growing! We have another $140 dollars from members of St. Anne's in Stockton!
We'll start counting nautical miles tomorrow evening when we sail from Halifax and begin the (rocky) passage across the Atlantic to Spain.
If you want to join the campaign, leave a comment. You don't need to leave the amount if you don't wat to. But be sure to go to and make your donation. You can place "Nets at Sea" in the business line!