Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Looking for Suggestions

I'm working on a curriculum on mission for groups of youth and adults involved in outreach. It begins with a Bible Study on Genesis 1, affirming that mission begins with God in creation. God reaches out beyond God's self and creates everything, and it is good.

I need an activity or two to accompany the discussion. What would you do to help express this idea?



Leslie said...

Why don't you plant a garden. You can incorporate some lady bugs, frogs and lizards as well as all the wonderful things you will plant.

Kirstin said...

Leslie, that's a great idea.

Donna McNiel said...

Thanks, Leslie! Great idea.

Will you be at convention next week? If so, please introduce yourself! I'll finally be a real member of the diocese!

Leslie said...

Dear Donna+,
Praise be to God! Congratulations!!!
I will be at convention on Sat. and the healing service on Friday night. I will seek you out. I am a delegate for TEC of St. Francis Turlock!
With the inclusive love of Christ, we will not fail!