Monday, October 6, 2008

McCain goes right past smear to racism

In a McCain ad called "Mum," Obama is portrayed as a tax-raising incompetent. But the real point of the ad... may be to incite racial fears.

"In crisis, experience matters," a tough voice warns. "McCain and his congressional allies led. Tough rules on Wall Street. Stop CEO rip-offs. [An image of a grinning black man in a suit appears.] Protect your savings and pensions. [An image of an elderly white woman appears.] Obama and his liberal allies, 'mum on the market crisis.' Because 'no one knows what to do.' More taxes. No leadership. A risk your family can't afford.

This is from, which goes on to explain the racist manipulation that the campaign has stooped to. This goes way beyond a smear campaign or even "Swift boating." This is blatant racism designed to reinforce white fears of black men, and to see Obama as one of those men, preying on (financially) vulnerable white women. These kinds of subtle and insidious innuendos are how racism is perpetuated throughout our society. To intentionally capitalize on and reinforce such racism is despicable. If you agree, tell McCain.

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