Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sunset in Manila

There are too many pictures to choose from, but perhaps the beauty of this one will convey something of our trip. A week ago I returned for 10 days in the Philippines with 14 incredible students and 3 priceless colleagues. We spent several days in Manila, visiting the National Council of Churches and St. Scholastica's school. We then went to Baguio City. There we met my old friend Penelope Caytap, who took us to wonderful places and taught us about the Igarot, or indigenous peoples of the Philippines. Our last day we went canoeing in Pagsanjan. Aside from some truly frightening car trips, and literally hours of traffic jams, the trip went off without a hitch, and we all learned more about cross-cultural dialogue and the culture of the Philippines than we could have in a year on campus.

Maybe more pictures are in order, because I can't come close to finding adequate words!
Mountains of the Cordillera

Learning dances at the Cultural Center at St. Louis University

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Susan said...

How much is Spanish spoken? Or do people mostly speak Tagalog?