Saturday, July 11, 2009

I found it on Twitter

I'm twittering now - sort of. I've done it in fits are starts for a year or so (or less, I'm not sure.) It doesn't have the appeal of facebook for me, with lots of pictures and more than 160 characters of info, plus amusing games to play on the side. BUT, there is something very cool about it. Evidence: I just found out about the incredible blog from Young Adults at General Convention. Someone 'tweeted' about it and included the link, which I followed.

The blog includes some of the very best and most articulate explanations of what young people want from the church and what they have to offer. Namely, that they want to be taken seriously, to be recognized as thoughtful, prayerful, contributing members of the body of Christ. They want to be listened to and they want to work and worship alongside everyone else. Check out the blog and read their words, not mine.

Thanks Twitter!

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Barbi Click said...

Amen! The thing I have found in working in Christian Ed over this past year is that people want to hear what youth and young people want to say until they actually begin to offer real opinions. Basically, as long as the youth just answer the questions in a nice and polite manner they are petted and fauned over. Let them touch on real issues and they are pushed aside.
I think that Twitter/twubs/twitpics and all the other special little things designed by our young people are going to force the elders to listen to them. This is a very good thing. :-) Way to go, Donna for jumping in there. Way to go to me also for doing the same! LOL