Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Episcopal Relief and Development

I have spent much of the day frightened and grief struck over the devastation in Haiti. The entire Episcopal compound around the cathedral was destroyed, including the convent of the Society of St. Margaret. I was a postulant at St. Margaret's in Boston ten years ago, and I know two of the three sisters in Haiti, who are miraculously alive and uninjured. There are still hundreds of children from St. Vincent's School for Disabled Children and Holy Trinity School, both started by the sisters, unaccounted for. Haiti is a diocese of the Episcopal Church. These are our neighbors as truly as the people who live on my street. They are our own.

Pray for the people of Haiti. And give what you can. At this moment every dollar will be needed. Episcopal Relief and Development works through local diocesan leadership and has a strong relief infrastructure in Haiti. They have already provided money for Haiti and are prepared to be there indefinitely. Because of the support they receive from the Episcopal Church, 92% of every dollar given will go to Haiti.

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